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Humans relationship with technology: a photo essay

Technology is constant. Technology connects. Technology distracts.

Girl just waking up in bed, TV is seen in the foreground
Waking up on a regular day.
Girl asleep TV in the background on
After a regular night, in a room filled with constant noise from the TV.
Girl holding a wrapped baby in front of a window and plants
Like usual she cares for and protects her baby. However...
Close up of "baby" in wrap showing it is actually a phone
...for some their baby is not just any baby.
Girl brushing her teeth in mirror while watching something on phone
She gets herself ready, while focused on someone else.
Girl going on a walk while on her phone
She goes on a walk to experience nature, without even looking up.
Girl sitting on a bench in front of nature while on her phone
She sits alone, feeling aware of the world outside of her. Disconnected from the one in front of her.
A family being happy sitting in a field together
When she finally looks up she's reminded of her family that she misses.
Phone in foreground ringing "daughter" calling. People watching TV in background
But like her mom says, "I'm just one phone call away".
Missed call and phone shows daughter texted "miss you"
Then again, all this technology is quite the distraction.
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