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Mognavox Odyssey; the First Video Game Console

Video games.                                              Hate them or love them, they’re everywhere.

Video games have entertained the masses for quite some time now but, where exactly did it start?

In 1972, Ralph Baer created the Mognavox Odyssey, the worlds first video game console. The console was sold in the US for $99 and as the lack of modern relevance shows its sales were not very successful. Some features of the Mognavox Odyssey include;

The Magnavox Odyssey. Two black and white boxes.
Evan-Amos / Public domain
  • Two box like controllers with knobs on either ends.
  • Connected to a TV by an antenna and wire connector.
  • Powered by either six C batteries or an AC power supply.
  • Included physical game objects such as playing cards, score sheet, dice, etc.
  •  Simple graphics with three moving objects and no sound.
  • 28 games were made for the Odyssey.
  • 11 TV overlays to change game setting.
Although far less complex than today’s video games and not nearly as successful as the soon after released Atari gaming system, the Mognavox Odyssey was the start of the video game revolution.

Scroll below to see gameplay from the Odyssey!

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