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5 Things about SUNY Oswego

Hey Olivia!

I heard you applied to SUNY Oswego so I just wanted to tell you some reasons why I love this place;

  • The most obvious thing to love about Oswego is the view. Being right on Lake Ontario makes walks to and from class as enjoyable as they could ever be. It’s very peaceful watching the water and nothing beats the sunsets here on the Lake
  • You might be thinking that Oswego doesn’t have anything besides a Lake with a nice lake but there is actually a lot of club and events on campus. I know you run track at school and if you came to Oswego you could continue on the track team.
  • Oswego has some very good food. Some of my favorite places are Wonzones Calzones and Azteca. The dining hall food is honestly not that terrible either.
  • I have yet to meet a mean professor here at Oswego! Everyone is very friendly.
  • Finally, Oswego’s hockey games are always chaotic but in the best and most fun way possible. I always look forward to going to hockey games with friends.

I hope I could be helpful and I better see you in the fall!
-Sally Becker

Dear Grandma and Grandpa,

I hope you two are doing well. I just wanted to update you on my college experience. I love SUNY Oswego so far. I’ve met a lot of cool people who I look forward to learning from in the future. I thought I would be bored here in Oswego but there is actually a lot to do. My friends and I like to go watch the sunset by Lake Ontario, its beautiful you guys would love it. Or when its cold we can go to the old cool movie theater here. On Tuesdays students get a discount. I joined a club like Grandma recommended. It’s the Go Green Club, we try to help the campus be more sustainable and plan events for awareness. I have a lot of impressive peers in that club. As far as classes go I like them for the most part. All of my professors are really nice and knowledgeable. The work can be a little overwhelming but it’s manageable. I have made some really good friends here at Oswego that I think you would both approve of, they are definitely pushing me to better myself. Overall, I guess you could say Oswego is really great and I am really enjoying it here. Thank you so much for this opportunity and your continued generosity and support. It really means a lot to me as do the both of you. I appreciate you two and miss you a lot, thank you again.


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